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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 12, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at noon, now in hd. >> debt afternoon, everyone. our big story this -- good afternoon, everyone. our big story this afternoon, residents were awakened to thunder and lightning. >> my car got flooded all the way up to the steering wheel. >> as did many residents. cars parked in the low-lying
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areas were damaged by it rising grain -- by rising rain water. let's check in to the instaweather center for answers. >> we cannot totally eliminate the chance for more rain. let's look back on what happened here this morning. just after 6:00 a.m., this is what the radar look like behind us. let's take a look at our number one view here. radar showed a pretty intense storm cell headed down toward the potomac river. by 7:00 a.m., that line of storm was passing right over the city, right down to the district of columbia. there was pretty heavy rain, a lot of lightning, and gusty winds as well. the storm moved rapidly to the east, and around eight 30 5:00
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a.m., a tornado warning was issued. -- around 8:35 a.m., a tornado warning was issued. this afternoon, we still could see some rain in the area. we will detail all of that, coming up. stick around. >> a thank you. in the meantime, take a look around your place and send us your storm damage the fed does. go to -- your storm damage photographs. to to up lead them.
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a debate over lawn signs continues. the state attorney called for an investigation as to whether the president is using his position to campaign against her. last night, she expressed confidence. >> the numbers speak for themselves. we have lower numbers in homicide and shootings. he is a community-based policing advocate perio. >> when the mayor was asked whether she thought it was a bad idea for him to post the signs, she said we live in a country that is supposed to support free speech. several council members are proposing tapping into the city 's rainy day fund to keep schools open -- to keep swimming
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pools open through labor day. >> once the reality said then that the swimming pools are not going to be open, to say that we should use a rainy day fund is irresponsible. it is unfortunate, because as the leader of the city, you have to understand fiscal policy. that is not sound fiscal policy. >> when asked if he realized that he had decided to close the pools when he approved the budget, he was unclear in his response. >> was the council not aware that the pools were going to close on august 8th? >> yes, we were aware. >> so you approved that. >> yes. >> the council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on friday.
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some alleged dirty dealings going on inside in northwest baltimore car wash. police seized drugs and guns during a surveillance operation. they followed a 43-year-old man back to his business, a car wash. they found a large amount of drugs and weapons. >> we got a kg and a half of cocaine, a kilogram of another drug, and six firearms. >> the owner and two other suspects are being held without bail, and there could be more arrests. police upgraded dozens of marijuana plants growing in lincoln park yesterday. they had staked out the area for it several days in hopes of catching whomever was attending them. they pulled up the plants before they could be harvested. a teenager severely injured in a
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gun that is back in maryland. 16-year-old emily kerstetter will undergo her adolescent surgery at johns hopkins. her leg was shattered in -- her 11th surgery at johns hopkins. her leg was shattered in a bomb attack. a woman says she was sexually assaulted by four current and former university students. sexual assault charges were dropped yesterday after the victim changed her story. the lawyer says his clients did have a sexual encounter with the woman and she chose to be there. he hopes she will be charged with filing a false report. city prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to move the case of forward. , there is a person of
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interest in the case of the serial a spatter. it is a mystery to -- the serial stabber. it is a
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>> welcome back. covering the nation, authorities say they have a person of interest in a stabbing cases
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that spans three states. the man worked in the flint, michigan area and had ties to virginia, where some of the attack took place. 20 men have been stabbed since may and five of those victims have died. officials in new jersey have tens of thousands of dead fish to clean up today along the jersey shore. wildlife officials are trying to figure out what killed the fish. they all appeared yesterday morning. officials have not been able to figure out what killed them, but are still running tests. still to come, a young boy in miami is trying to raise awareness of food allergies. in our medical alert, find out how he is making that happen. >> days have been hot with highs in in the 90's. now a cool front has come through, so we will use the term "warm." partly cloudy skies out there,
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81 degrees. >> do not forget, our veterinarian will be here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mail your quest
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>> in our consumer alert, a chain of the malls is taking to bonds to a smarter level. simon property group is launching a program to target smart phone users who visit their mall. the telephones will be targeted by inaudible sounds from participating stores. when they entered the store, coupons will appear on their funds. and you website is taking wagers from a student at -- and website is taking wagers from students at 36 colleges.
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students can wager on whether they will pass or fail a class, and what grade they will get. they start buying up loading -- they start by uploading the class schedule. the waiters and bald skill. skill.wager's involved >> let's take a look at our doppler and then we will show you some video of what the storm is dead. at the moment, the son has broken through. here is some doubt -- at the moment, the sunshine has broken through. the storms were much stronger south of baltimore. it was pretty intense down around the white house, where they had power outages and fences down around a construction area, and flooding
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too. that rain has moved to the south of us and cleared out temporarily. the strongest storms have moved out over the ocean at this stage. there is still a lot of moisture in the air. the front is not that far away even though it is itself of us. we are not going to be the prime target at this stage of the game. it was hot yesterday, and humid. 96 was at the height at the airport. 86 is typically the high at this time of year. we will be much closer to that today. morning lows were in the 70's and 80's. trains were in the 1 inch-2 inch range iraq -- grains were in the 1 inch-2 inch range around -- rains were in the 1 inch-2 inch
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range around the area. it is in the 70 puzzle out in the mountains to the west of us. -- 70's out in the mountains to the west of us. still a lot of clouds up in pennsylvania and showers. there is a friend, just to the south of us. we have -- there is of the front, just to the south of us. but thunderstorm may develop in our area as well. we will have a partly cloudy skies and a variable winds and about 10 miles per hour. 85-90 will be the high. it depends on how much sunshine and you get. there is still a lot of humidity in the atmosphere.
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there is a thunderstorm watch in effect self of us. that is where the best chance is -- in effect to the self of us. that is where the best chance is for a thunderstorm activity. as we go into friday, we can see an indication of a lot of clouds. that will hold the temperatures down to some degree. by saturday and sunday, rain chances to begin to back off, but they are still there. it will be in the mid-80's over the weekend. rain at chances are hired to the south -- are higher to the south than they are here. monday, tuesday and wednesday is the temperatures and bounced right back into the 90's.
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>> our veterinarian is here with this dog,. >> day care is the cruelest thing for dogs. give them a little bit -- is the coolest thing for dogs. give them a little bit of social activity. >> let's get to some questions. my pet hair is longer than it pads. be between his pop haaw is it something i should trent? >> it is something that you should do, but i would not recommended doing it yourself. if you can do it very carefully
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you can do it yourself, but do not go digging. that is dangerous. >> i was informed that my eight year-old cat has lost some bones and teeth due to infection. mike that want to extract teeth. are there -- my veterinarian wants to extract teeth. are there any alternatives? >> cats are allergic to the enamel in their teeth, believe it or not. unless you get a really skilled veterinary dentist to remove the teeth properly, the problems cascade and cats can end up losing all of their teeth and bone as well. yes, you should definitely have your veterinarian removed the teeth. the anastasia is very safe.
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-- the anesthesia is very safe. >> how can i encourage my love birds to mate? >> that is an interesting question. first of all, you have to make sure you have a male and a female. it is really about environment. you have to have a proper cage, proper and that situation. -- proper nest situation. >> create the mood. >> that is really what it is all about. we have a love bird expert at our animal hospital. he can give you all of that information for free. it is really all of the environment -- is really all about the environment when it comes to love birds. >> by the way, it is pet appreciation month on
12:21 pm send us your fetas. photos. in this afternoon's medical alert, growing up we did not hear that much about food allergies, but that has changed. more than 3 million children have reactions to food that can be deadly. we talked to a young boy in miami who is trying to change things. >> for this 7-year-old, every male has to be planned ahead, which includes religiously -- every meal has to be planned ahead, which includes religiously reading every label. >> we have a list of foods that have to be avoided. >> first, his mother thought it was a stomach bug. >> the reaction involved
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vomiting and, i do not want to say passing out, but somewhat passing out. >> the second reaction was more serious. >> he started huizenga, and his ears swelled up -- he started wheezing, and his ears and swelled up. >> his parents always have madison on hand. >> this is my at the pan. >> kids that are not treated can have a fatal reaction. >> i really want to find a cure for food allergies so that instead of a kid walking into a place and not being able to eat this or that, they can walk in and have what ever they want. >> at miami children's hospital, this doctor says she has seen more young patients with food
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allergies. it can be serious. >> any time you have a reaction that consists of becoming breath, and a possible loss of consciousness, that is a reason to go to the emergency room. >> 80% of children with egg and wheat allergies outgrow it, but other allergies last a lifetime. >> that little boy is doing some good or. up next, your maryland lottery midday pick three and picked four numbers.
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>> welcome back. it is time for your lottery pick-3 and pick-four numbers. >> here we go. 2, 9, 9. that is your pick-3. coming up next is the pick-4. 2, 7, 7, 1.
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let yourself play, play, play. >> we are glad to see this measurweather moving on. >> it looks like the d.c. area got the worst of it. a look at the latest rate art shows us that the rains and everything else are -- the latest radar shows us that the rains and everything else are moving offshore. it is still close, to the south. it will be 85 with the diminished chance of rain tomorrow. there will be a lesser chance that we will see thunderstorms, but there is still a chance, even into the weekend. >> thank you, and thank you for
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watching a 11 news at noon. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at weather any time at
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